Gwinnett County Adult Name Change - Fees and Costs

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Gwinnett County Adult Name Change

In order to legally change your adult name in Georgia you must file a Petition with the appropriate Superior Court, you must have the Notice of your requested name change published in the county's legal newspaper, and you must obtain a Final Order signed by the assigned judge and filed with the clerk's office. 

As a Gwinnett County attorney for over twenty years, Doug Lewis has handled numerous name change cases and can help you save time and headaches in navigating the rules and laws of the State of Georgia to get your name properly and legally changed.

Our previous articles have discussed the 7 Top Reasons to Legally Change Your Name and the process of legally changing your adult name in Gwinnett County.  In this article we will discuss the cost and how long the name change process takes.

What Is the Cost to File an Adult Name Change

In most adult name change cases there are three primary expenses to be paid.  The first cost is the clerk's filing fee which is required by the Court to be paid at the time you file any legal action in court.  In Gwinnett County the current clerk of court's eFiling fee total $241.00.

The second cost is the Publication Fee which is also required by the Court to be paid at the time you file your name change action with the clerk of court's office.  The law requires that the Notice of the Request to Change an Adult Name be published in the legal newspaper for four (4) consecutive weeks.  In Gwinnett County, the Notice of the name change must be published in the Gwinnett Daily Post and the current Publication Fee is $80.00.

Therefore, the total court costs to file an adult name change case in Gwinnett County Superior Court is currently $321.00.   These costs must be paid whether you hire an attorney or not.

One-Time Flat Attorney Fee

The third expense is the fee to hire an attorney.  We charge a one-time flat fee so you know exactly what it will cost you in order to file your Petition and obtain a Final Order of Name Change.  Hiring an experienced attorney that has handled numerous Gwinnett County Adult Name Change cases can be very beneficial to you as it will help you save time, avoid headaches, and make the entire process go much more smoothly.  

Fast and Friendly Service

In most cases you will need to get your adult name changed as soon as possible.  In order to do so we will expedite the handling of your case by conferencing on the telephone and via email to save you time from having to schedule an office appointment and taking time off from work and your busy schedule to meet at an office.  We offer the convenience of paying the flat fee by credit card online at our website.  Once we are hired and the fee is paid we will have the necessary draft documents to you for your review usually within 24-48 hours of our phone conference.  

Once the Petition for Name Change is in final form it will be filed with the Gwinnett County Superior Court clerk's office.  We will pay the filing fee and publication fee at the time of filing.  A stamp-filed copy of the Petition will be promptly emailed to you for your records.  The case will be assigned to a Gwinnett County Superior Court judge and the Publication Notice will be sent to the Gwinnett Daily Post for proper publication.  An Affidavit of Publication will be executed once the Notice has been published for four (4) consecutive weeks.  After the Notice has been properly published then our office will contact the assigned judge's office to request a final hearing date as soon as possible in order to finalize the case with the Judge signing the Final Order changing your name.

We will have the court clerk provide you with a certified copy of the Final Order once it has been filed.  If you want additional certified copies then you can obtain them from the clerk's office for a nominal fee (approx $2.50 per copy).  Once you have obtained the Final Order of Name Change we will suggest places you ought to notify of your official name change and where to go if you need to obtain a new Georgia birth certificate.

Final Orders in less than 60 Days in Some Cases

We strive to finalize your case as soon as possible once the court-ordered four-week publication period has expired.  We have been able at times to obtain the Final Order in an Adult Name Change case in less than 60 days of the date of the filing of the action in Gwinnett County Superior Court.  However, the time it takes to complete a name change case differs with each as as there are some things we cannot control such as the judge's court calendar and when the case can be scheduled for a final hearing.

Special Attorney Fee Discount Rate and Expedited Service 

For a limited time, if you are a Gwinnett County resident then we will offer you a discounted total flat fee rate which includes the attorney's fee and the clerk's filing fee and the publication fee to handle your Gwinnett County Adult Name Change case.  

We will also expedite our services to help you save time from your busy schedule by conferencing with you by phone, email or in person; offering you the convenience to pay the fee by credit card on our website; and then immediately beginning to exchange information and documentation with you online to get your Petition for Name Change filed right away. 

We will work hard to ensure that every step of the process is handled promptly in order to get your name legally changed as soon as possible. 

If you live in Gwinnett County or in the Metro-Atlanta area and are considering a name change please contact Douglas W. Lewis by filling out and submitting the request form found on this page, or by calling our office at 770-682-3765 for a free initial phone consultation.  Our office is located at 154 Stone Mountain Street, Lawrenceville, GA 30046.  Client reviews can be found on Mr. Lewis' Google pageAvvo page, and on his website.

Doug Lewis is a Lawrenceville-based Family Law attorney who for over twenty years has handled cases involving divorce, legitimation, paternity and child custody, name changes, personal injury, criminal defense, juvenile court, civil litigation and estate planning matters in the Gwinnett County and Metro-Atlanta area including Barrow, Walton, Jackson, Hall, Forsyth, Dekalb, Cobb and Fulton counties.  

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