Advantages of Hiring a Gwinnett County Divorce Attorney

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Advantages of Hiring a Gwinnett County Divorce Attorney

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Having an experienced Gwinnett County divorce attorney represent you in your Gwinnett County divorce case may be very beneficial whether your case is an uncontested or contested divorce case.   Although you are not required to have an attorney in your divorce case, it is often advantageous to have an experienced Gwinnett County divorce attorney who can do the following:

  • Provide guidance and suggestions as to what to do, or not do, prior to filing the divorce action;
  • Prepare all of the necessary divorce documents and tailor them to the specific facts and circumstances of your case;
  • Be creative and determine the best way to proceed with the commencement of the divorce case, whether it be as a contested divorce case or a potential uncontested divorce case;
  • Work with you to help prepare a fair and reasonable settlement proposal if it appears the parties may be able to come to an agreement without the necessity of going to court;
  • Negotiate for you during any settlement discussions with your spouse or your spouse's attorney;
  • Prepare you for mediation and represent you in a mediation session if the parties are required to attend mediation or if they agree to attend voluntarily;
  • Use the knowledge of the Gwinnett County court system and the Gwinnett County Superior Court judges to help develop a Plan of Action in your case;
  • File any necessary Motions and Discovery Requests in order to request specific relief from the court and/or to obtain important and necessary documentation and information to help prepare for the trial of your case;
  • Use the years of courtroom experience in Gwinnett County in order to prepare for a temporary hearing and/or final trial in the event the parties are not able to reach a settlement of all of the issues in the case;
  • Prepare and file special documents such as Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, Quitclaim Deeds, and Income Deduction Orders if they are deemed necessary; and
  • Provide guidance and suggestions as to what to do after the divorce is final.

Having an experienced Gwinnett County divorce attorney represent you in your Gwinnett County divorce case provides you with the added benefit of having an attorney that is well-versed in Georgia divorce law and has the experience of practicing and handling cases in Gwinnett County Superior Court.

If you have any questions about a Gwinnett County divorce case, please contact attorney Doug Lewis by phone at 770-682-3765 or via email at [email protected] for free initial phone consultation.

Lawrenceville Divorce Lawyer Douglas W. Lewis has over twenty years of experience in Gwinnett County and the Atlanta Metro area handling divorce, legitimation, paternity and child custody cases, family law cases, personal injury cases, criminal defense, civil litigation cases and estate planning matters.  If you have any questions please call the Lawrenceville office for a free initial phone consultation or to schedule an office consultation.  You can contact attorney Doug Lewis by telephone at 770-682-3765, via email.

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