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LAWRENCEVILLE DIVORCE ATTORNEY –                 Douglas W. Lewis, Esq.

“I want to file a divorce action in Gwinnett County, what documents should  I bring to our initial conference at your Lawrenceville office?”

I recommend that you bring the below listed documents and records with you to our initial divorce consultation.  If you are not able to locate or gather these documents, then do not worry as you can always provide them to me at a later date.  Be sure to secure the original documents and records so that you can bring them to court if a hearing or trial is required.


Paystubs – the last three (3) paystubs or statements of earning ;

Employment Contract – any employment contract or offer letter for your current job;

Tax Return – the last three (3) federal and state income tax returns (also bring the last three years of tax returns for any business that you own);

W-2 Forms – any W-2, 1099 or K-1 forms you have received in the last three (3) years


Bank Statements – the last three statements for each checking and savings account that is in your name and/or in the name of your business;

Retirement and Stock Statements – the most recent statement for any retirement account (IRA, 401k, pension plan, etc) and stock that you own;

Car Title and Registration – a copy of the registration form for each vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, boat, etc) you own and the title to each vehicle (if it is in your possession);

Warranty Deed – a copy of the warranty deed or quitclaim deed, including the legal description of the property, for each piece of real estate that you own

Real Estate Appraisal – the most recent appraisal of any real estate you own;

Purchase of Real Estate – the Settlement Statement (HUD-1 Form) from the purchase of your home;

Property Tax Assessment – the most recent property tax assessment for any real estate you own; Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner – Property Tax/Appraised Value 

Safety deposit box – any record of the location and contents of any safety deposit box that you own;

Life Insurance – the most recent statement for any life insurance policy you own;

Financial Statements – any financial statements that have been prepared in the last three (3) years;

List of Personal Property – make a list of each item of personal property that has a value of over $500.00 that you and/or your spouse own;


Credit Report – your most recent credit report; (if you do not have a recent credit report you can obtain a free credit report once a year)

Credit Card Statements – the last three statements for each credit card account you have;

Mortgage Statements – the most recent mortgage statement;

Loan Statements – the most recent statement for any loan (car loan, student loan, etc) in your name;

Loan Applications – any loan applications that you have submitted in the last three (3) years;

Budget/Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit – any budget or financial affidavit that you have prepared or your spouse has prepared in the last three years;

Misc. Documentation

Last Will and Testament and Power of Attorney –  a copy of your most recent Will and Power of Attorney

Pre-Nuptial Agreement – any pre-nuptial agreement that you and your spouse signed

Divorce Papers – if you have been served, then bring all of the papers that were served on you

Medical and Car Insurance – the most recent medical insurance policy and car insurance policy statement

Any recording, photo, video, text message, email message or other item of evidence that supports any claim that you anticipate that you and/or your spouse will make in the divorce case (adultery, cruel treatment, family violence, etc)

Any other document, record or item of evidence that you think might be important or relevant in the divorce case

Lawrenceville Attorney Douglas W. Lewis has over twenty years of experience in Gwinnett County and the Atlanta Metro area handling family law and divorce cases, personal injury cases, criminal defense, civil litigation cases and estate planning matters.  If you have any questions or want to schedule an office consultation then please contact Doug Lewis by phone at 770-682-3765, via email.

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Doug is an experienced trial lawyer and advocate with a particular emphasis in family law, civil litigation and criminal defense matters.  As a family lawyer, he has represented a wide range of clients in nearly every type of situation, including, complex and simple divorces, custody disputes, contentious move away proceedings, modification of child support and custody cases, contempt actions and restraining/protective order proceedings.


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