Transfer of Child Custody Case To Gwinnett Juvenile Court

Posted by Doug Lewis | Jan 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

Some cases filed in Gwinnett County Superior Court involving contested child custody and visitation issues are transferred to Gwinnett County Juvenile Court. When a divorce, legitimation, paternity or custody case is transferred to Gwinnett Juvenile Court the case will be assigned to one of three Gwinnett Juvenile Court judges. The first court appearance that is usually scheduled will be a Pre-Trial Conference with the assigned judge.

Lawrenceville Divorce Lawyer – Can I file for Divorce if…

Posted by Doug Lewis | Apr 23, 2015 | 0 Comments

Lawrenceville Divorce Attorney Blog Series – By Douglas W. Lewis, Attorney at Law “Can I file for Divorce in Georgia if I do not know where my spouse lives?” This is Part 3 of the ‘Can I file for a Divorce in Georgia if…?' series.  I addressed whether you can file for divorce if both spouses st...

Divorce Document Checklist – Lawrenceville Divorce Attorney

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LAWRENCEVILLE DIVORCE ATTORNEY –                 Douglas W. Lewis, Esq. “I want to file a divorce action in Gwinnett County, what documents should  I bring to our initial conference at your Lawrenceville office?” I recommend that you bring the below listed documents and records with you to our ...

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